Exhibition – works from the Pam & Tony Shaw Collection

Some weeks ago, PACS was contacted, through the web site, by the family of a former member. The family has accumulated, over a number of years, paintings by PACS members acquired  at the annual exhibition.
The family are keen to see these items have a good home, and an exhibition of all the work has been arranged at One Tree Books in Lavant Street, Petersfield, from 15th July to 12th August 2019 (there is an excellent cafe there, for those who do not know One Tree). More details and background appear below, together with 3 sample pictures.
Do go along and have a look – it is also an excellent opportunity to purchase these works at very reasonable prices.

The Pam & Tony Shaw Collection

Pam and Tony Shaw lived in Petersfield for over 40 years, and in that time, Pam continued to develop her interest in painting, joining Petersfield Arts and Craft Society (PACS) as an active member.

Their interest in art was shared, and over the years they built up a collection of works by other members of PACS. Their taste was eclectic, and this is reflected in an exhibition being held at One Tree Books from 15th July – 12th August. All the works on display are for sale as, sadly, both Pam and Tony have passed away. Many of the works are of local Petersfield subjects, including the market, station, and other works of the surrounding countryside.

This, therefore, is a rare opportunity to see the collection and work by some current and many former members of PACS – and also to acquire them at reasonable prices. The family are keener to see the pictures in good homes than to maximise their value.

Artists with work on display are Peter Jones, Wendy Larken, Brian Peskett, Ann Pinhey, Philipa Sladden, Gerald Woolley and one who simply signed the work “Davie”.

Remember: One Tree Books, Lavant Street, Petersfield. Monday to Saturday., 9.00am – 5.00pm