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PACS Privacy Policies

Privacy and personal data policy

General Statement

As well as complying with legislation, PACS wishes to protect the interests of its members and their personal data at all times by the adoption and implementation of this policy and the operating systems set out below. At the same time PACS wishes to ensure that its members are kept informed and up to date on the activities of the Society and its members.

Data Protection Officer (the title used in the legislation)

The Committee of PACS collectively accepts responsibility for this policy and compliance with it. The prime responsibility for operating within this policy rests with [name to be inserted if an an individual volunteers to be the data protection officer] who will work with the Membership Secretary as the holder of the membership database, the prime source of data to be protected.

Use Of Data
  • PACS will never disclose data about individual members to other members or non-members without the express permission of the member. Requests for artist’s details will be passed to the member for them to respond and make contact with the enquirer if they wish.
  • Data will be used to communicate with members about any and all matters relating to the activities of PACS.
Keeping Members In Control

Members may opt out of receiving information from PACS (but not that relating to membership renewal) by writing or emailing the Membership Secretary at any time.

Management Of Data
  • PACS will use its best endeavours to ensure that all data retained is up to date.
  • Data will be stored in data bases that are password protected.
  • Only those authorised by the Committee shall have access to the data, and each such person shall use their best endeavours to safeguard that data and comply with this policy.
  • Only relevant data shall be retained, and only for as long as is reasonable after membership lapses.
Members Access To Data

Any member may ask to see the data on them that is retained by PACS, and PACS shall comply with any such request within a reasonable time.


PACS has adopted the above policy relating to personal data, and operates under the “legitimate interests” aspects of the legislation that acknowledges the need for an organisation like PACS to communicate with its members. PACS will not share any personal data with third parties without your express consent. If you do not want to hear from PACS, you should contact the Membership Secretary.

Approved by the PACS Committee 16th May 2018

To be reviewed May 2020

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