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PACS stores membership data safely within Membermojo and does not share any personal information about members. Our privacy policy is currently under review by the committee.



What are Cookies?

We collect information about your use of our Site through cookies. Cookies are small text files which are sent to and stored on your computer, tablet or smartphone that help our site to remember who you are and record information about your visit. Cookies make it easier for you to visit our site again, and configure our site information to make it more useful to you. Most major websites use cookies.

a. What cookies are used on this Site?

The cookies we use on our Site are broadly grouped into the following categories:

  • Essential – Some of the cookies on our Site are essential to enable us to provide you with the service or product you have requested. An example of this could be a cookie used to enable you to log into your account on our Site or which allows communication between your browser and our Site. Our cookie preference cookie (described in the section “How can I reject or opt out of receiving cookies?”) is also an essential cookie. You may not be able to use our Site without these cookies. 
  • Analytics – We use analytics cookies to helps us understand how users engage with our Site. For example, a cookie counts the number of different people visiting our site, or using a particular site feature, rather than simply counting the total number of times the site or feature is used. This allows us to analyse and improve site performance.
  • User Cookies – These cookies improve your experience on our site by remembering your preferences.
  • Social Sharing – We use third party cookies to allow you to share our content directly on the social networking/sharing sites like Facebook or Twitter. Please see our “Third Party Cookies” section below for more details. 
  • Interest-Based Advertising – You will have noticed that when you visit websites you will be shown adverts for products and services you may wish to buy. The money made by website owners for showing third party adverts on their websites often pays for the cost of running the website and therefore usually allows you to use the website without having to pay a registration or usage fee. To try and ensure that the adverts you see are relevant to you third party cookies may be used to collect information about the types of things that interest you, for example websites you visit and the geography that you are based in. Having these cookies does not increase the number of adverts you will be shown, but simply makes the adverts you see more relevant. Please see our “Third Party Cookies” section below for more details.

b. How can I reject or opt out of receiving cookies?

You may opt not to accept cookies by activating the setting on your browser which allows you to refuse the setting of cookies. This may, however, leave you unable to access all of our site. Without activating this setting our site will issue cookies when you visit. Find out how to refuse cookies by accessing the help menu on your browser. Most browsers also give you the options of being notified when you receive a new cookie, or how to disable cookies altogether. For more information about cookies and how to stop cookies being installed, or how to delete existing cookies from your hard drive, visit the following website:

c. Third party cookies

When you visit our site cookies may be issued and stored in your device by third parties to collect information and serve content or advertisements to you. These cookies may emanate from third party websites we interact with (such as data and analytics collection sites). We have no control over these cookies or how the third parties involved use them.

For more information about these cookies, and how to disable them, please see:


Cookie policy updated June 2023

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