Paul Tracey Workshop
11 MAY 2024

Practical Perspective and Composition

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Paul Tracey is a London born artist and designer, now living in Hampshire, who has had many solo and group exhibitions of his paintings, drawings and silkscreen prints, exhibiting with the Royal Society of British Artists most years. He also collaborates with architects and designers in the visual realisation of their projects using computer-aided design (CAD) systems.

In the summer of 2017 he started a project visiting and painting piers around the UK, this has expanded to piers in California and Europe. He has also put together a collection of old postcards of both existing and long gone piers. Some reconstructed in TurboCAD, then paint, playing fast and free with colours. 


This workshop will provide you with simple, easy to learn perspective and composition techniques that will make the best of your paintings. The use of some perspective techniques, even in paintings of gardens or landscapes, will give a painting greater depth and strength. A basic understanding of composition can transform a landscape from a calm to a windy day.

Paul will provide a choice of papers, to work on, tape and assorted extras.

The drawings will be initially created in ‘lead’ pencil. However, they can be finished off with a touch of colour with coloured pencils, pens, ink, or paint washes, whatever is your preferred material, these you will need to provide yourselves. If it is paint, Paul suggests you bring along a few brushes and a small paint box.

Extra costs on the day for papers will not exceed £10.

Materials to bring:-


 Pencils, 2B and 4B

 A soft eraser

 A ruler, 18in if possible.

 Any squares and other drawing aides would be useful.

 Images to work from


 Coloured pencils, pens, ink, small paint box & brushes

 if you want to add colour to your work.

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