Helen Sill workshop 8th October 2022

Paper Cloth Stitch  – Experimental textile workshop with Helen Sill

Artist and contemporary embroiderer, Helen Sill will lead this workshop on the 8th October.

Read more about Helen’s work here.

In this workshop Helen will introduce you to a variety of  techniques using cloth, paper and stitch which you can incorporate into a piece of art work or turn into a sampler or sketchbook.

The morning will be spent experimenting with different techniques and making small pieces of work.

Techniques used will include shibori, sashiko, monogami and  printing on textiles. 

 The afternoon can be spent using what you have  produced in the morning to make a piece  of art work,  or taking your pieces from the morning and creating  an artist sketch book which can be used as a reference for future art works.

You will leave with a little book of different textile techniques to perhaps take forward into future artworks.

Helen will provide individual support and guidance to all attendees. We will share and review our creations and talk about how they might be developed further. If  desired participants can contribute a small piece of their work which Helen will combine into a communal sketch book showcasing participants work to be developed into a stitch journal. Helen will also talk to participants about ways to create their own stitch journal and the possibilities of using textiles as a way of thinking through making.

Basic key materials required for the day will be :

your own sketch book  and /or a collection of images for inspiration – a favourite poem or a book or image of an artwork is a great idea as a starting point , ( if you have..don’t worry if nothing springs to mind!)

a sewing kit – scissors, pins needles, thread – cotton, perle threads, various weights

 a variety of small pieces of cloth(preferably natural) from your stash at home – ie – patterned cotton, plain cotton/silk,   calico, old textile pieces, old blankets….just small pieces no larger than 5 ” x 5 ” 

a glossy magazine,

 some olive oil, 

 If you have –  bring vilene or bondaweb.

 DO NOT buy anything specially…..Helen will have materials you can use.

 Try to limit your colour pallet of threads and textiles to no more than 5 colours.

Helen will provide the following materials  vilene, bondaweb, denim, hand dyed blanket, calico, variety of papers,  print blocks, fabric  dyes, thread. There will be an additional cash charge on the day of £8 to cover costs.

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