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Alison Butler

Alison graduated from Loughborough University in 1990 with a degree in printed textiles. In partnership with a fellow student, they set up Blooming Designs and built a successful business selling textile prints to leading high street fashion chains both in the UK and Internationally. Influenced by free wheeling illustrators such as Quentin Blake, their designs were sold predominantly to the children’s wear market.

With a creative flare that is not limited to textiles alone, Alison has also worked with a number of companies to produce large-scale backdrops for corporate events and theatre productions. 

Further information about Alison’s workshops can be found on her website


Batik is an ancient textile technique originating in Indonesia. Traditionally, pattern is applied onto cloth or using molten wax with fine brushes or tools called tjantings, before coloured dyes are applied to the fabric. In more recent years this highly decorative and colourful process has been used to create designs and images on paper.

Alison will guide you through a range of exciting approaches. 

The day will include creating a range of experimental samples and unique outcomes. You may choose to work with the themes of Florals or Abstract Pattern, or take inspiration from different cultural images; alternatively you may wish to develop designs of your own choosing.

This workshop is suitable for those with a range of skills and creative experiences, from complete beginners to those looking to improve their batik skills. 

There will be 11 places on this workshop.

Materials to bring:-

  • Good Quality Cartridge Paper or watercolour paper
  • A3 Drawing board (ideally two boards are ideal – although the second one could be smaller than A3 size)
  • Masking tape
  • A variety of soft brushes
  • Daisy pallet if you have one
  • Kitchen roll
  • Pencils and rubber
  • Apron
  • Folder to transport work home


Please bring some pictures as inspiration.

Alison will supply wax pots, tjantings, wax and dyes, the  £5 cost of which is included in the workshop pricing.

Alison also said that you can bring your own dyes and inks in addition to her supplied materials if you wish.


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