Chinese brush painting with Julia Martin

Julia’s workshop was attended by Kim Archer, our workshops coordinator.

‘Saturday, 10 June we held the 3rd of the PACS Workshops for the 2017 /18 year.   From beginners to experienced artists, great fun was had throughout the day as we learned many techniques in the art of Chinese Brush Painting.

We started the Workshop with a demo of how to use Chinese brushes, how to load with water – just the right amount – and then to load with paint.  Using lighter paint first then darker just on the tip, led to some truly beautiful paintings of Wisteria and more.  The techniques were practiced then the painting for the day began.  The Julia, the artist tutor has focused on Chinese Brush Painting for more than 10 years and regularly travels to China to study under the Masters.  She was clearly passionate about her art, had a great sense of humour and was terrific in her constant circulating around those learning the techniques, providing encouragement, tips, and a bit of fu..fu’ing here and there.  That is the word used to correct an inadvertent paint smudge or…  At the end of the Workshop day, Julia brought us all together to view each piece of work and to apply a special Chinese stamp to each painting, giving it that incredible feel of an authentic Chinese Brush Painting.   The stamp read ‘beautiful blossom’ in Chinese.

Thanks to Julia Martin, our Artist & Philip who assisted in the set up. Thanks too for all the artists who participated, great to see you all and so pleased you enjoyed the day!’

‘Thank you so much for a lovely day spent at the Julia Martin Chinese Brush Painting workshop It was a very informative course, and a fascinating subject to study….I was very impressed by the professional way it was all carried out. I hope that I will be able to attend some other courses, in the future, and look forward to participating again.’ Jean M. Voice