Petersfield Museum needs help from the community for its next exhibition. Can you help?

Petersfield Museum Needs you?!

Something exciting is happening at Petersfield Museum and The Flora Twort Gallery. A new type of exhibition is coming; one where you get to decide what goes into it! Ever fancied having an object on display in a museum or passing an interesting story on to more people? Well now is your chance.

The final exhibition of the year for Petersfield Museum is going to be a community curated one. A first for the Museum, it will allow the town to tell its own story, as the people of Petersfield decide what we should exhibit.

We are looking for input from local residents, community groups and schools to help us show the world what makes Petersfield, Petersfield! There are many ways to take part including:

  • Lend an object


Do you have an object that sums up Petersfield to you? Perhaps you have donated an object to the museum. If you have we want to hear from you. Tell us why your object is significant to Petersfield. Why is it significant to you? Your object and your thoughts will be put on display within the exhibition to share with all of our visitors!


  • Tell us your story


If you don’t have an object that represents Petersfield, perhaps you have a story. What was it like in Petersfield when you were growing up, for example? What is it like to grow up in Petersfield today? If you would like to share your story, come in for an informal chat, which our team will record to be featured in an oral display in our exhibition.


  • Create a Petersfield Meme!

Have you had an experience in Petersfield that other people could relate to, if only it were the caption to, say, Leonardo di Caprio toasting? Do you have a photograph of Petersfield that is a caption away from summing up the human condition, or at least what it is like to live in Petersfield? If you have an idea for a meme which other people from or visiting Petersfield would understand and respond to, send it in to be featured in the exhibition. Your entries will be shown on a live feed within the Museum, and shared via our social media accounts. As with all memes, if it’s relatable enough, it could go viral! Your Memes should be sent to the contact email below.

If you would like to get involved or want to find out more about ‘We are Petersfield’ then please contact the museum at or 01730 262601. The deadline for enquires about lending and object or tell us your story is the 18th August 2017).