Painting with Chris Forsey – Workshop report from Kim Archer

On Saturday the 20th May, we had a full class of artists participating in a highly interactive and fascinating series of demos and practical painting using many different techniques under the tuition of Chris Forsey.

We painted ‘flat’, or with the canvas/board flat on a table so that all could observe the tutor while they worked which worked extremely well.

We had the opportunity of watching Chris demo stages of development of two paintings.  Chris uses and encourages free movement and creativity in his paintings and teaching.  We had some interesting moments trying not to get too much paint on the floor as one of the techniques included splattering the inks!  We used acrylics, acrylic paints and oil pastels.  All artists completed two paintings during the Workshop.  At the end of the day  Chris commented on each individual’s work, highlighting the great elements and offering suggestions for continued development.    A few pictures were taken so we could share the experience!!