Annual Exhibition

2017 Exhibition

Our annual exhibition in August lasted almost a week and was enjoyed by over 2000 visitors. Sales this year were excellent with 63% of exhibitors selling work and were were also able to make a donation to a local youth charity The King’s Arms.

The exhibition committee had been working extremely hard since the beginning of the year on the planning stages of the show and several major changes were made. This year we were able to revise and improve the layout by using a virtual version of the plan to fine tune the hanging spaces and lighting. We also changed from a traditional catalogue to a labelling system to improve the experience for visitors. This meant that all information relating to an artwork was instantly available beside the piece with no need to search through a catalogue. However catalogues were still available to borrow for those who wished to use them.

Many kind comments have been received about our exhibition and we were delighted to see so many people, some of whom had travelled a considerable distance to visit us.

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The award winning pieces of work for the 2017 exhibition can also be viewed in this gallery. Click on any image to see an enlarged version and artist details.

PACS exhibition 2017


PACS exhibition 2017