PACS Exhibition Awards at the Festival Hall in Petersfield – Picture: Vernon Nash (_DFB3646)

The major awards were presented to the artists above by the Mayor of Petersfield and the PACS president Sharon Hurst.

  • Betty Haggard Memorial Prize
    Betty Haggard Memorial Prize
    Social Media - Colin Eveleigh (photo George Spear)
  • David Headon Memorial Prize
    David Headon Memorial Prize
    Autumn Walk - Frans de Leij (photo George Spear)
  • David Yellop Award
    David Yellop Award
    Wendy Denham - Walking the lakes (Photo George Spear)
  • Flora Twort Cup Roots Frans de Leij photo George Spear
    Flora Twort Cup Roots Frans de Leij photo George Spear
    Roots - Frans de Leij (photo George Spear)
  • Frank Westwood Award
    Frank Westwood Award
    Afternoon bathe Anne Bowen (photo George Spear)
  • Heather Child Award
    Heather Child Award
    Cosmos - Katrin Eagle (photo George Spear)
  • Hester Wagstaff award
    Hester Wagstaff award
    Tide out Newlyn - Angela Tanner (photo George Spear)
  • Josephine Majella Award
    Josephine Majella Award
    Oak Tree - Jackie Pullen (Photo George Spear)
  • Mike Cuzner Award
    Mike Cuzner Award
    Driftwood handle & Jar - Nigel Hobbs (photo George Spear)
  • Ron Hewlett Award
    Ron Hewlett Award
    Bowl 1 Harry Butler (photo George Spear)

Highly commended certificates were presented to the following exhibitors

Jo FergusonMarshes
Anita GallatlyView of Harting Down
Christine GreavesWoodland Sunset
Frank JenningsVanity Rising
Heidi RobinsonBarcode
Mahmood RoostaeiWorld Cup 2018
Veronica SeagrenPort Issac Sketchbook
Mike WallaceDowns, Winter & Spring
Niloo WickramasingheUntitled 1

In the final minutes of the exhibition the votes for the Visitors’ Choice award were counted up and the prize went to Helen Thair for her beautiful ‘Fox’ painting.

‘Fox’ by Helen Thair (photograph by George Spear)