6plus2 Art Collective at the Petersfield Museum

And now for something completely different! Opening later this month is an exhibition in Petersfield by the 6plus2 Art Collective .
As the group’s second project, ‘Hold’ is inspired by the atmosphere of the redundant Victorian police station, which has now been integrated within the Petersfield Museum site and will eventually be part of a ‘new’ museum complex and Victorian Heritage site.
Exploring concepts such as time, empathy, loss, identity, memory and the psychological, work will be displayed within some of the remaining space of the police station, including the holding cells, which have been retained in their original condition, and in the newly located Community Gallery.

PACS member Hilary Boardley, one of the exhibitors, tells us a little more about this group of artists.

‘The group embarked on their first project, ‘Re-store’ in 2014, responding to the Grade II Listed, Wellington Hangar located at Brooklands Museum, Surrey.  The exhibition was held in the hangar prior to its being dismantled, restored and relocated on site.  Following the Brooklands exhibition, we took the opportunity to submit a site responsive project proposal to a local heritage sitePetersfield Museum, at a time when they were purchasing the adjacent Victorian Police Station to incorporate as part of the museum.’

Petersfield Museum needs help from the community for its next exhibition. Can you help?

Petersfield Museum Needs you?!

Something exciting is happening at Petersfield Museum and The Flora Twort Gallery. A new type of exhibition is coming; one where you get to decide what goes into it! Ever fancied having an object on display in a museum or passing an interesting story on to more people? Well now is your chance.

The final exhibition of the year for Petersfield Museum is going to be a community curated one. A first for the Museum, it will allow the town to tell its own story, as the people of Petersfield decide what we should exhibit.

We are looking for input from local residents, community groups and schools to help us show the world what makes Petersfield, Petersfield! There are many ways to take part including:

  • Lend an object


Do you have an object that sums up Petersfield to you? Perhaps you have donated an object to the museum. If you have we want to hear from you. Tell us why your object is significant to Petersfield. Why is it significant to you? Your object and your thoughts will be put on display within the exhibition to share with all of our visitors!


  • Tell us your story


If you don’t have an object that represents Petersfield, perhaps you have a story. What was it like in Petersfield when you were growing up, for example? What is it like to grow up in Petersfield today? If you would like to share your story, come in for an informal chat, which our team will record to be featured in an oral display in our exhibition.


  • Create a Petersfield Meme!

Have you had an experience in Petersfield that other people could relate to, if only it were the caption to, say, Leonardo di Caprio toasting? Do you have a photograph of Petersfield that is a caption away from summing up the human condition, or at least what it is like to live in Petersfield? If you have an idea for a meme which other people from or visiting Petersfield would understand and respond to, send it in to be featured in the exhibition. Your entries will be shown on a live feed within the Museum, and shared via our social media accounts. As with all memes, if it’s relatable enough, it could go viral! Your Memes should be sent to the contact email below.

If you would like to get involved or want to find out more about ‘We are Petersfield’ then please contact the museum at education@petersfieldmuseum.co.uk or 01730 262601. The deadline for enquires about lending and object or tell us your story is the 18th August 2017).



Chinese brush painting with Julia Martin

Julia’s workshop was attended by Kim Archer, our workshops coordinator.

‘Saturday, 10 June we held the 3rd of the PACS Workshops for the 2017 /18 year.   From beginners to experienced artists, great fun was had throughout the day as we learned many techniques in the art of Chinese Brush Painting.

We started the Workshop with a demo of how to use Chinese brushes, how to load with water – just the right amount – and then to load with paint.  Using lighter paint first then darker just on the tip, led to some truly beautiful paintings of Wisteria and more.  The techniques were practiced then the painting for the day began.  The Julia, the artist tutor has focused on Chinese Brush Painting for more than 10 years and regularly travels to China to study under the Masters.  She was clearly passionate about her art, had a great sense of humour and was terrific in her constant circulating around those learning the techniques, providing encouragement, tips, and a bit of fu..fu’ing here and there.  That is the word used to correct an inadvertent paint smudge or…  At the end of the Workshop day, Julia brought us all together to view each piece of work and to apply a special Chinese stamp to each painting, giving it that incredible feel of an authentic Chinese Brush Painting.   The stamp read ‘beautiful blossom’ in Chinese.

Thanks to Julia Martin, our Artist & Philip who assisted in the set up. Thanks too for all the artists who participated, great to see you all and so pleased you enjoyed the day!’

‘Thank you so much for a lovely day spent at the Julia Martin Chinese Brush Painting workshop It was a very informative course, and a fascinating subject to study….I was very impressed by the professional way it was all carried out. I hope that I will be able to attend some other courses, in the future, and look forward to participating again.’ Jean M. Voice


Justin Lees – Exhibition in Petersfield

Justin Lees is having an exhibition of paintings at Madeleines’ Kitchen, the lovely coffee shop at the back of One Tree Books in Petersfield.

‘My work is inspired by the beautiful landscape of the Meon Valley and surrounding area. I enjoy working in oil paint primarily and like to explore abstraction through distorted colour and texture. Influential artists include David Hockney and Georgia O’Keeffe whose recent exhibitions in London have been an inspiration to me. I like to build up colour through layers of paint and try to keep the work suggestive rather than explicit.’

On until 13th July, all work is for sale!



June Workshop Chinese brush Painting with Julia R Martin

Julia is giving a workshop on Saturday 10th June 10-4 at the Triangle Centre in Liss. She will be introducing techniques in Chinese brush painting of traditional subjects and all materials will be provided. Price £32 for members, £37 for non members

More information about Julia and her paintings can be found on her website here.

Some space is still available so please contact Kim Archer through the workshops page for more information or to book.


Excursion to Michelangelo & Sebastiano Exhibition

Society Excursions are organising a day trip to the & Michelangelo Sebastiano exhibition at the National Gallery on Friday 23rd June. Cost will be £26.50 and includes coach from Liss and driver’s tip.  Places can be booked by contacting Sue Briggs using the contact form below.

More information about this exhibition can be found here.

Felt Fantastic!

This weekend saw the first of our new series of workshops organised by Kim Archer.

In the familiar setting of the Liss Triangle Community Centre, PACS member Katrin Eagle tutored 12 enthusiastic pupils in the art of needle felting. Everyone had brought along an inspiring photograph or piece of artwork from which they developed a felt picture.

This course was over subscribed so there may be plans to arrange another session in the future. Do contact Kim if you would like to register interest in future sessions.   Katrin Eagle workshop 




PACS Potters Demo Evening Thursday April 27th

Our monthly meeting for April (held at Herne Farm Leisure Centre 7.30) is hosted by the PACS potters who will be inviting you all to have a go at various techniques. Last year this was a very enjoyable and sociable evening so we hope plenty of members turn up. Guests are welcome as always (£2 payable at the door). Some material costs may be incurred if you make something which is fired for you by the potters.

The evening will consist of activities as follows:

Christine Bull will be decorating with wax and texture.

Richard Hollingbery will be extruding clay shapes for people to make brush holders.

Jo Berryman will be letting guests have a go at throwing on the wheel..

Neil and Suzanne Rampton will  be demonstrating throwing on the wheel.

Barbara Mace will be handbuilding.

Carolyn Ross will be doing handbuilding/decorating techniques.